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Garden tips for seniors - So you can enjoy gardening for a long time

Garden tips for seniors - So you can enjoy gardening for a long time

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It cracks, it pulls - especially when there is finally a lot of time for gardening in old age, this is often difficult. But not if you take our tips to heart.

Use the right tools

If you are working, there is often only time at the weekend to do some work in the garden. Of course, that is why many are looking forward to the time when they can finally be at home every day and devote themselves entirely to their garden. But once this time has come, most people realize that gardening is no longer so easy for them.

This is exactly why we have put together some tips for you that can make working in the fresh air significantly easier.

6 tips for more enjoyment in gardening

➤ Tip 1 - use the right tools:

Use tools that largely avoid bending or stretching. These include gripping tools, e.g. For picking fruit on the fruit trees, or raking with a telescopic handle, etc. When buying garden tools, also pay attention to their weight, ergonomic handrails and the like.

The tools used should always be in very good condition, which generally makes work easier. Also keep the tools as close as possible to the garden beds, e.g. in small device boxes to save long distances with sometimes heavy devices.

➤ Tip 2 - create a raised bed:

Buy a raised bed and plant a fresh vegetable garden there. Raised beds are much easier to work with. (Reading tip: Build a raised bed yourself in 7 steps)

➤ Tip 3 - create seating:

Create several comfortable seats in the garden, after which you can quickly take a break during your work. In addition, use mobile seating for gardening that you can always set up in the immediate vicinity of the areas to be worked on, e.g. Weeding small garden stools.

➤ Tip 4 - choose the right plants:

Mainly plant perennials in the garden, which usually do less work. Furthermore, you should only use hardy plants in our latitudes. In winter, this saves you having to carry heavy buckets in frost-free interiors, laboriously covering the plants and also planting rhizomes.

Also create generous lawns in the garden, as these are usually far easier to work on. Also exchange deciduous trees for conifers, as this saves the often tedious raking of leaves in autumn.

➤ Tip 5 - wear gardening gloves:

Always wear gardening gloves while gardening as you protect your hands from cuts. After all, dirt infections can be life-threatening, especially in old age.

➤ Tip 6 - ask for help:

If you do not have the best strength in between, you should either ask relatives, friends or the neighbors to do small gardening work for you at short notice. In the case of long-term outages, however, you should commission a professional gardening company to do the gardening. There you should always ask about any existing senior discounts!