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Clamp awning for the balcony - an overview of the advantages of privacy screens

Clamp awning for the balcony - an overview of the advantages of privacy screens

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Applying sun protection on the balcony and without drilling? That's fine! A clamp awning makes it possible. Here is an overview of all the advantages of privacy protection.

easy assembly without drilling

An awning is the ideal sun protection for the balcony. But especially if you live for rent, you can't just drill holes on the facade of the house. However, it is precisely these holes that are normally necessary to securely attach the awning.

But even if you have to do without drilling, an awning can be installed on the balcony. There are so-called clamp awnings to buy. With such an awning, you only have to clamp two tension supports between the floor of the balcony and the ceiling. The height to the balcony ceiling does not matter, because the supports can be adjusted to the respective height, at least up to a ceiling height of 2.75 meters.

But that's just one of the many advantages that a clamp awning brings. Here is an overview of all the plus points of the awning.

Overview of the advantages of clamping awnings

➤ Advantage No. 1 - easy installation without drilling:

As just described, you do not have to drill holes in the wall to install a clamp awning. A very big advantage that your landlord will be particularly pleased about. You do not need any special tools to attach it and you can also do the assembly yourself. A helping hand is not absolutely necessary.

➤ Advantage No. 2 - exclusive versions available:

Most models are extended by hand using a crank, but there are also luxurious versions with electrical controls. There are also clamp awnings where you can adjust the angle of inclination as required. This ensures shade even when the sun is low. This, in turn, is especially important if you have plants on the balcony, because this way you can protect them from sunburn.

➤ Advantage No. 3 - easy assembly and disassembly:

Another great advantage of the clamp awning is that you can simply take it with you when you move out of your apartment and install it on the balcony of your new home. You can also dismantle them before winter and keep them in a protected place (reading tip: make the balcony and terrace winter-proof - now protect against frost!). This means that it is not exposed to the harsh weather and is therefore more durable.

➤ Advantage No. 4 - space-saving:

The clamp awning also has a great advantage over a parasol. On the one hand you can use it to shade your entire balcony and on the other hand no umbrella stand takes up space. However, since they are by no means as securely and firmly anchored as permanently installed awnings, you should definitely retract the clamp awning in strong winds and when you are away.

Our tip: buy a clamp awning at the end of summer

The prices for a clamp awning range between 100 and 200 euros. It is best to buy the awning at the end of summer for the coming season, because then the prices are often drastically reduced. If you need a clamp awning to measure, then Sowero is a suitable contact. Awnings made from self-cleaning fabrics are even offered here.