Peppermint better in a pot than in the garden

Peppermint better in a pot than in the garden

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In a herb garden, peppermint should not be missing at all. After all, it not only smells good, it also refines dishes and it can also be used to make a delicious tea.

Peppermint is better in the pot

Peppermint is not only suitable for adding to desserts, you can of course also make peppermint tea from it or simply enjoy the wonderful fragrance. If you want to bring yourself into the garden, you should definitely plant them in a bucket. On the one hand, most types of mint are not hardy and, on the other hand, mint is very prolific. It forms underground runners that wander through the entire garden. For this reason, it is best to keep them in a pot. There she has limits that she cannot overcome. If the plant becomes too large, you can always give it a larger pot.

Root lock can help in the garden

If you still want to expose the peppermint in the garden, it is best to set up a root barrier to stop the plant. You can either get a special root fleece from a specialist or remove the soil from a bucket, dig into the soil and plant the mint there. The roots can no longer spread like this. However, it is generally more advisable to plant the mint in a pot. This also makes wintering easier.

How to properly plant the mint in the pot

You can buy mint plants in pretty much any garden center. Sometimes even in the discounter. You can actually put these pots in a planter in the garden. However, it is better if you plant the mint in a slightly larger pot. The best way to do this is as follows:

  1. Put some loose substrate in a saucepan that has a high humus content.
  2. Now place the mint bale in a little water so that it can soak itself up.
  3. If the bale is nice and wet, you can put the mint in the pot.
  4. Now press on the earth and pour well.

It is best to do this once a year. Mint removes the nutrients from the soil. So always replace the earth in spring.

How to properly care for the mint in the pot

To water:

Mint in the pot needs a little care. You have to Water every day, because the root ball dries out quickly at high temperatures. However, there should be no waterlogging.

To cut:

You can cut the mint several times a year because it grows very quickly. It is best to cut the mint in early February / March at the start of budding and / or in autumn after flowering.


Peppermint in a pot that is not hardy needs to be brought into the house during the cold season. Hardy varieties, however, can be left outside. Then, however, cover them with some garden fleece or brushwood. Also make sure that the floor doesn't freeze completely. It is therefore best to place the buckets on a small styrofoam plate.