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Change the lawnmower yourself - how it works

Change the lawnmower yourself - how it works

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In order to maintain engine performance, it is important that you give your lawnmower an oil change at least once a year. Here are two instructions.

Open the oil drain plug

Like any other garden tool, you must of course also take care of your lawnmower. This includes not only cleaning the lawnmower and sharpening the blade, but also making it really winterproof (tips here) and waiting. This also includes the oil change. You should change this once a season, but at the latest after 25 working hours.

You basically have two options. For one thing, you can tilt your lawnmower and open the drain plug so that the oil drains away. On the other hand, and this is also the more environmentally friendly variant, you can also change the oil with the help of an oil change kit. The oil is pumped out with a syringe. Instructions for both variants below.

Oil change by opening the drain plug

" Step 1:

You should always change the oil when the lawnmower is warm. So this means that you should start your lawnmower and let it run for a few minutes. Then switch the engine off again.

" Step 2:

Now disconnect the ignition cable and be sure to attach it at a safe distance from the spark plugs. This way you avoid an unwanted start and thus an accident (see report on

" Step 3:

Now tilt your lawnmower so that the oil can collect above the drain plug and it is best to place a film or newspaper under the lawnmower.

»Step 4:

Now place a container under the drain plug and open it. Then drain all the oil.

»Step 5:

When all the old oil has run out, you can now add the right amount of the right oil (you can find information on this in the operating instructions for your lawnmower).

Carry out an oil change using an oil change kit

" Step 1:

Oil change kit with syringe

Allow the engine to warm up and then, for safety's sake, unplug the ignition cable.

" Step 2:

Now take the syringe of the oil change set and hand the hose into the oil tank.

" Step 3:

Use the syringe to pull all the oil out of the tank and pour it into the bottle supplied.

»Step 4:

Now you can already tip the new oil (for example available here) and screw the tank back on.


It is not difficult to change the lawnmower yourself. Nevertheless, you should rather rely on the variant with the oil change set (available here). The reason: tilt your lawnmower to remove the oil, then usually something always goes wrong. If you do this directly in the garden, it is of course not exactly environmentally friendly. In addition, the lawnmower is also smeared after the oil change. However, it is of course up to you how you change the oil.


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