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Avocado gets brown leaves - causes & treatment tips

An avocado plant can still be looked after and cared for - sometimes it still gets brown leaves. And that can have several causes. Avocados are fairly easy to keep Compared to many other exotic plants, the avocado is fairly easy to keep. Nevertheless, it can occasionally get brown leaves.
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Ideas & inspiration

Protect plants from falling over - 2 tips

Weight the pot with stones If you use potted plants e.g. have to stand on the veranda, then you know that such plants have to be protected from falling over. Flower pots can quickly fall over If you have a garden, you will probably also use flower pots, which are mostly used on the terrace.
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Home & garden

Knife chopper or roller chopper - these are the differences

Whether hardware store or internet - the range of choppers is large. Finding the right one for yourself is not that easy. We have presented the differences in more detail here. Shredded material can be reused sensibly Shrubs, hedges and trees occasionally need a pruning in order to grow vigorously and to thrive better.
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Garden Tips

Lawn seeds do not germinate - 4 causes

Your lawn seeds don't germinate? There can be different reasons. Here we go into the 4 most common mistakes and give tips so that the lawn will soon sprout. So that lawn thrives well, several aspects play a role - If you want to get a new lawn, you have to choose between doing it with turf or using the conventional method, namely by sowing lawn seeds.
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